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Jenny was born and raised just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Through growing her external family of friends and co workers, she developed a career within the entertainment industry. Taking on many projects, challenging herself every day, and getting to travel, Jenny found her love of art.

The art of photography.

She prides herself on creativity and an artistic eye, with a willingness to challenge herself no matter the medium nor the design. 

As Jenny starts her photography journey, you can follow along on her instagram, @jfree_creates

Soon to come is a full Etsy shop where you can purchase her postcards, prints & more

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Jenny Freeman

Carole Joyce

Featured Producer



A talented filmmaker, photographer, and producer, Carole Joyce is Vice-President and Director of the Roy W. Dean Film Grants for the 501(c)3 non-profit From the Heart Productions.  A graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, she is an award-winning filmmaker for her documentary, “Survivors.” She produced the tv series “Healthstyles” as well as “Filmmakers”, which is now in the national archives.  While with Garamella/Fitzgerald Advertising Agency, Carole developed projects for young filmmakers David Fincher, Jessie Dylan and Mark Romanek.  Recently, she served as Executive Producer for the award-winning short film “Stairway to the Stars” starring Sean Young and as LA Line Producer for “Wheels of Heaven” with Mickey Rourke.

Carole currently is the CEO of Authentic Vision Consulting, Inc., a management consulting firm for start-ups and early-stage companies. Carole’s professional team assists CEOs and their companies with strategic planning and sustained financial progress. 



Visit FTH’s  IMDB 

Carole Joyce IMDB

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Alexandra Cooper

Tarot Reader & Guide



Alexandra aka Karma is a LightWorker, a Claircognizant Empath, and Clairvoyant. As a young child, Alexandra can remember laying in the grass on a warm summer day, looking up at the sky, telling God that she couldn't wait to learn about all of her gifts he would be giving her.  As a young child, she was always very intuitive with an innate ability to feel the emotions of those around her. However, that proved to be a very difficult gift for a young child to have, as learning to discern your own emotions between those surrounding you, can be quite exhausting and very confusing at times.

In September of 2016, her best friend of 25 years, Lauren Joy, transitioned to the other side unexpectedly. She was only 30 years old. At that point Alexandra went through what is known as "The Dark Night of the Soul". The pain she was experiencing triggered and opened up deeply hidden wounds within myself. Her connection with Lauren may have ended physically here on Earth, but she quickly learned that their connection could never be broken. She began to feel Laurens presence, hear her voice, and receive messages or downloads that provided specific details on how to heal and how to connect with and deepen her connection with God. Laurens guidance and daily messages pushed her to grow a deeper connection with God and Jesus Christ through reading scripture daily, praying and communicating with him more.  As she worked on her relationship with God, her gifts began to strengthen and become clear.

She was led to create Karma Light Readings in June 2018, to reach those who may need guidance on their path towards their inner light. She currently shares and uses her gifts by offering readings that focus on bringing wisdom to you through the  Holy Spirit, that will help to heal, enlighten, and connect you to your inner light so that you may release your karmic cycles, and begin to live the life that was meant for you! 

"I am so honored to be able to connect with you all and to be used for God's purpose. My hope is that these messages help you all find your light and connect you to your true inner self, so that you may unlock all of your potential and shine. May the warmth, love, and light of the Holy Spirit guide you and protect you always." - Alexandra aka Karma

You can catch Alex, every Friday, as the featured tarot love reader on

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