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Gerry Poynter, of California, has always been the man behind the grill, but now he wants to explore the world of barbecue and see what tricks and trades he can find across the country. Getting back to the root of barbecue is the goal, and creating a fun and exciting atmosphere to showcase some of the best barbecue around.

Follow along as our backyard barbecuer meets grill masters and chefs from all around the country, learning about their barbecue traditions and secret recipes. 

Bringing OUR backyard barbecue to a town near you!


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Carole Joyce

Featured Producer



A talented filmmaker, photographer, and producer, Carole Joyce is Vice-President and Director of the Roy W. Dean Film Grants for the 501(c)3 non-profit From the Heart Productions.  A graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, she is an award-winning filmmaker for her documentary, “Survivors.” She produced the tv series “Healthstyles” as well as “Filmmakers”, which is now in the national archives.  While with Garamella/Fitzgerald Advertising Agency, Carole developed projects for young filmmakers David Fincher, Jessie Dylan and Mark Romanek.  Recently, she served as Executive Producer for the award-winning short film “Stairway to the Stars” starring Sean Young and as LA Line Producer for “Wheels of Heaven” with Mickey Rourke.

Carole currently is the CEO of Authentic Vision Consulting, Inc., a management consulting firm for start-ups and early-stage companies. Carole’s professional team assists CEOs and their companies with strategic planning and sustained financial progress. 



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Not Another Podcast




Just two best friends, creating yet another podcast. Join us as we reminisce, talk about today’s hot topics and get real with each other.


Starring Reveal Team  Member Brittany Thornton and Michaela Vincent

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Colette Smartt

Featured Producer



Colette is the principle behind Soul Element Films, an award–winning label with a diverse team whose primary goal is to inform, educate and give a voice to the marginalized.

Born in Brisbane, QLD, Australia, Colette began her career officially at the age of 11 when she joined The Fame Agency. Colette has been in musical theater productions that toured Australia and live performances in Westfield Shopping Malls as well as Network Television. She was also a runway and fashion model with June Dally Watkins Modeling Academy. At age 15, Colette wrote her first novel, Sorrelia, Tale of a Princess Warrior. At age 17, Colette joined a band called "Hokio" in New Zealand. After two years at We Came To Play Music Studios, Colette moved to the United States.

Since then, Colette has done everything from industrial to commercial shoots, independent film and short film festival projects.

Colette has also written and directed several short films in the Blue Forge Flashpoint Film Festivals. Colette has also been a select award recipient at the Santa Fey Native Film Festival in 2018 with a short version of Shadow Walkers. Colette has done everything from Production Management, Producing, Directing and Marketing. Colette has authored several books and is an editor and content writer from corporate to motion picture.

Colette's IMDB


Towns On

Non Profit



The Goal:


“Lifting up rising artists by creating a sustainable, profitable tour while supporting local economies through our shared love of the arts”

Due to the rising cost of touring, we are faced with the imminent threat of losing live performance at the small to mid club level. We help artists on tour by offering subsidies for direct use at partnered businesses within communities. This in turn helps local economies as 100% of the dollars given to the artists are put back into these businesses. This leads to sales growth while making touring profitable and sustainable to performers. Offering this in towns across the country will create a profitable and sustainable tour circuit.

Check Out Towns On Tour's WeDidIt Campaign HERE

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